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Luxury Custom Painting

Tips for Luxury Custom Painting

Luxury custom homes offer you a range of unique features that are personally tailored to you. Whether it’s the exterior, flooring, or finishes, it’s important to make sure that new luxury custom homes feature every single detail you want to create the perfect space. When it comes to choosing a luxury custom painting, there are some important things to keep in mind. Here are a few tips to help you select the perfect paint and more for your beautiful custom home.


As you explore your options for luxury custom painting, make sure you select paint in the correct finish for the room. In kitchens and bathrooms, high-quality semi-gloss is ideal. This paint finish is durable and easy to clean, offering you years of enjoyment and easy maintenance. For the bedrooms and main living area, satin is a wonderful choice. Satin paint has a muted, elegant look but it is also surprisingly easy to keep clean, which is especially helpful in high traffic areas. In a dining room and hallways, select flat or eggshell paint. Its elegant look and soft tone make it a beautiful option for these less often used rooms and areas of the house.

Color Selections

Perhaps the most important part of choosing your luxury custom paint is the color. Make sure you ask for samples, so you can see what each color looks like in different rooms. A few swatches on the wall will help you get a clear vision of what the color will look like when it’s applied. Be sure to look at each sample at different times of the day, particularly when it’s in natural light and at night. When choosing your custom colors, remember that darker hues will make rooms appear smaller. Lighter tones make spaces appear larger, open, and airy. Explore several different colors until you find the one that will complement your new luxury custom home perfectly.

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