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Luxury Interior Painting

Luxury Interior Painting: Popular Color Trends

When you’re choosing luxury painting services, it’s important to make sure that you select a color for your home that you absolutely love. While paint color trends come and go, there are some options for luxury interior painting that will stand the test of time. No matter what type of furniture and décor you have in your home, here are some of the most popular color choices for luxury interior painting, so you can get inspired.

  • Dark blue: A deep, dark blue color evokes a sense of luxury and sophistication. This rich color is a beautiful option for bathrooms, kitchens, studies, or dens. Its deep tone grounds the room and makes it feel warm and cozy.

  • Earthy green: Organic-inspired paint colors are all the rage, so consider green for your next luxury painting services request. This color can be light or dark, depending on your preference. Try a lively grassy green paint color for a bathroom or give a deeper pine green a try in the main living space.

  • Soft beige: A light, sandy beige paint color is a perfect choice if you want a versatile wall color. This paint color puts a new spin on classic beige by incorporating lighter undertones to create a muted, neutral color palette. It’s a good option for luxury interior painting since it matches easily with almost any type of trim, window treatments, and furniture.

  • Gray: No matter what you choose, know that gray never goes out of style. This extremely versatile color comes in a myriad of shades ranging from extremely light to dark and deep. Gray is a neutral color, but it’s also much more modern than traditional white. If you’re looking for a beautiful paint color that will stand the test of time, you simply can’t go wrong with a beautiful gray tone.

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